Saturday, October 2, 2010

Too Many Clothes!!

It's probably a bad thing when you start to feel a panic attack coming on from putting your toddler's laundry away, right?  My son's little room is bursting at the seams with clothing.  I kind of feel guilty about complaining that we have too much clothing for him when there are children out there who don't have clothes to wear.  The problem is that my 12 month old still fits into some of his 9 month clothing.  To make matters worse, we just had his birthday party and received a lot of 18month clothing.  So trying to fit his crib, armoire, changing table, glider, bookshelf, hamper, diaper pail, cloth diapers and a wardrobe from 9months-18months in his little 10x10 room is quite a squeeze.  Now you know why the panic attack was starting to set in.  I think that every time I do his laundry, I rearrange his wardrobe trying to make it all fit.

You would think that I would be used to this weekly ritual by now.  We've been blessed with very generous friends and family who have loved to buy clothing and toys for our son from the start.  Luckily my inlaws are also generous with their storage space because that's where most of his outgrown clothing and other baby stuff lives.  Originally we were saving everything in case there's a baby #2 in the future but now I'm having second thoughts about that.  I've recently consigned some things at two local children's consignment sales and was very successful.  I'm contemplating selling a lot more of our baby stuff at some upcoming sales.  Being a stay at home mama, I could always use the extra income.

Not much else is going on today in the Hen House.  Just squeezing a ton of clothes into a tiny little room and freaking out because of it.  Every once in a while you need a quiet day and this one is ours.  Chaos can resume tomorrow but for now we're gonna relax.

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