Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Etsy Trick or Treat

I got this idea for a blog post from a friend of mine, Lindsay,  from  PA Country Crafts.  She did an Etsy Easter Egg hunt and I thought it was such a cute idea that I decided to do a Halloween version.

We'll start with a cute Trick or Treat bag from preciouspatterns

The first treat I found was this cute Candy Corn Soap from PureHeartSoap.

This Yummy Candy Corn Fudge treat is from reeaadd.

This very cute knitted set is from knittyknittybangbang.

How cute are these little Bat Trick or Treat Booties from HandyMandyCreations

The wine enthusiast in me just loves these Custom Halloween Wine Labels from smallcreatures.

Of course I have to add some items from some of my favorite Etsy shops.

Here are pumpkin decorations from my good friend, Lindsay, at PACountryCrafts.

This beautiful necklace titled Weird Science from my friend, Penny, at spoton.

This one of a kind vase is from my friend Linda at littleflowerdesigns

I hope you all enjoyed Trick or Treating with me!  Stay tuned for more from the HenHouse!


  1. I like the bags and OF COURSE the fudge! CHOCOLATE!!! :) Great job here and thank you for including me!!!

  2. I don't like candy corn, but the fudge does look awesome!

    I love everything Lindsay makes...I've a set of her beautiful pumpkins outside my door and can't wait to give some ornaments for Christmas!

  3. by the way your friend linda got a good taste i like the stuff...